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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the Season for Giving

The holiday season is now upon us. Social networks are filled with posts about what deals someone found, what upcoming sales they will hit, what gifts their children are asking demanding  for Christmas. People are actively making their “game plan” for Black Friday as if it’s a sport…ruthlessly, selfishly, and in it to win it. I cannot even begin to name how many times I have been deliberately pushed, shoved, or slammed into by someone else’s cart so they can get the “prize” gift first. For this reason, I actively avoid the “early bird” Black Friday sales where I know the shopping crowd will be brutal. There is nothing I, or anyone I am buying for, need so badly that I must fight for it. That is not what the Christmas season is about for me.
Christmas is a time of giving. I love picking out the perfect gift (this year I am making most of my gifts, but I will write more about that after Christmas!), taking the time to perfectly wrap each gift and tie beautiful bows. For me, the presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. I am not just giving a gift, I am giving all the love, time, and attention to detail I put into wrapping the gift, because most people love getting a beautiful wrapped gift, and I love giving them. I also love giving and receiving the gift of the holiday spirit. Therefore, this year I am challenging myself with a new “game plan” for the Christmas season.

The holiday season can be quite stressful, and a friendly smile and greeting could help brighten someone’s day…even if it’s just for a minute or two. So, I plan to give a friendly smile to every person I see. I will give my patience to impatient shoppers, store clerks, and service providers, and remember to wish them a “Merry Christmas” in a friendly tone. I will give my change to every Santa ringing a bell for charity, even if I only have a few pennies. I will remind myself to be more joyful and forgiving. I will make a point to stop and admire the Christmas lights and decorations that someone spent hours putting up for our pleasure. I will allow myself to enjoy the Christmas music playing in the stores, instead of getting annoyed that they are playing all season long. They are only played once a year after all. Overall, I will try to stress out less, and enjoy the season more, and I truly hope my example will help other's to follow.

Tell Me: What would you like to give this Christmas Season? Do you have a favorite tradition of giving in your family?


  1. This is my first Christmas in the U.S. first Christmas without families or friends it will be just my husband and I. So I want to enjoy the time and be thankful everyday for what I have

    1. What an amazing outlook you have! I'm sure you will truly miss your friends and family in El Salvador, yet you still manage to be thankful for the blessings you have. You are an inspiration!