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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let The Holiday Season Begin!

Our Thanksgiving weekend was blissful filled with good food, great times, and fun shopping. After spending a lovely Thanksgiving with my in-laws, I was invited, by two of my newest friends, to go shopping at the Tanger Outlet. We met there at 10 pm, and had a blast browsing most of the stores, stopping at the food court for a late night snack, and finally getting home at 3 am. I took a quick 5 hour nap and got back up to hit Michael's for some amazing Black Friday deals!

Despite the insane crowds at Michael's, I managed to stay true to my challenge, and remained calm, kept a smile on my face, and even chatted with some ladies while waiting in a massively long line. Despite the crowds, every person I encountered seemed to be in just as pleasant of a mood as I was. The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with amazing friends, going out with my friend Jacqueline for a "Girl's Night", and getting out my Christmas decorations.

I love decorating for Christmas, and I love my Christmas decorations! So, I decided to take some pictures and share them with you!

One of the amazing Black Friday deals I got at Michael's was a basic, plain, green wreath for $1.98. Combined with some of my ribbon and awesome bow making skills and VOILA!
This year is the first Christmas that we live somewhere that doesn't have a fireplace, so I decided to hang our stockings on the buffet hutch.
Here is a one sided view of our living room, but if you look closely you can see our Willow Tree Nativity reflected in the mirror.

And the best part is that lovely glow set off by the Christmas tree lights.

I still have to put some tinsel on the Christmas tree, and put up a few more decorations, but our house definitely feels like Christmastime is here. Let the holiday season begin!