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Friday, November 9, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

What am I thankful for this week? A birthday filled with some of my favorite things!

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a wonderful surprise to have a beautiful day with blue skies, and mild November temperatures. My day started with a lovely gift from one of my oldest, and best-est friends... a bottle of wine in a personalized bag sitting on my desk at work.
Having a bottle of wine right in front of me, while I'm at work, and in a celebratory mood, probably isn't a good idea, so I quickly packed it away. I left work early and spent the rest of the day with my husband and daughter. First stop on my list of favorite things...shopping of coarse! Shoe shopping! It must have been my lucky day (well, it was my birthday after all!), because I found a lovely pair of suede T-strap heels in the clearance section at DSW.  With the addition of my $5 off birthday reward certificate it made these shoes a wonderful birthday bargain!
Every fall, since my grandmother was a little girl, it has been a family tradition to visit Michigan's oldest cider mill for the most amazing, 100% pure, apple cider, and cinnamon donuts. Making this trip in the early afternoon meant there were very few people there (opposed to the bustling crowds and super long lines that are quite common at this cider mill!). It was very nice, and peaceful, and with the sun shining we enjoyed our cider and donuts at an outside table.

For dinner we headed Downriver to my favorite Mexican restaurant for the best chips and salsa on the planet! This picture will totally make both of my sister's jealous! 
After dinner we spent a few hours visiting my cousin, Danielle, and her family. It was so nice to just sit around telling (sometimes singing) stories from our childhood. Laughing about the silly things we had made up while playing Barbie's, and old movie's we used watch. It was a fantastic visit!

There were a few more surprises waiting for me when we got home! A mailbox full of birthday cards:
And a single red rose, and one of my new favorite movies, waiting on the dining room table from my loving husband!
This year, I can honestly say that my birthday was a fabulous day filled with lots of love from my family and friends, an abundance of letters, posts, texts, and emails with thoughtful birthday wishes, little surprises, great food, and the joy of laughter. For all this I am truly blessed, and thankful! Perhaps the best way to sum up my feelings on the day is with this sign from Franklin Cider Mill:

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