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Friday, May 24, 2013

Oldies But Besties!

Holiday weekends are always a fun time to spend with friends and family. Some people will have a barbecue, some have a pot luck, and some take the time to just relax. My favorite holiday weekends are the ones I get to spend with "My Girls" where the only rules of etiquette are "Just Have Fun!"

These are the girls that have been in my life for more years than not. They are the ones that were there through first childhood crushes and high school drama, fun weddings and devastating funerals, having babies and family feuds, breakups and breakouts, late night gossip sessions and late night phone calls. They're the ones who have shared a lifetime of memories with me and will always be there. Truer friends you will never find than these! These are "My Girls" and they are my family.

Dawn, Me, and Jodie. BFF's from the old neighborhood, and besties 'till the end!

Jodie, Connie, Dawn, and Me. Celebrating Dawn's 22nd Birthday

Crystal, Michele, and Me hanging out at a family birthday party

Crystal, Me, Jodie, and Patty. Just having fun like we always do when we are together!

Michele helping me move last summer. Because that's what friends are for. :) 

Dawn and I started a yearly tradition of meeting at 4 am on the first day of school every year. My bedroom window was about 12 feet away from her back door, and we would wake up super early just to chat away "Back to School" jitters.

Some inside jokes are meant to last forever... Even to the point of finding funny signs to help us remember a good time and a great laugh!

Michele and Jodie. I love this picture of them!

Me and Jodie having fun celebrating her husband's 40th birthday in April

Best friends are hard to find, but lifelong best friends are treasure so few people can say they have. I am one of the lucky ones! I love each and every memory we share, and look forward to the many memories we will make in the years to come!

What is your favorite thing to do on Holiday Weekends?

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