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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Double Dip or Finger Lick!

I recently ran across this funny little infographic.

Image Source From: Loveinfographics.com

The most interesting thing to me about this survey is that it is focused on an etiquette taboo like double dipping, yet it was conducted by the restaurant known for it's "finger licking good" food. It's a bit of an etiquette oxymoron, but brings up an equally grotesque habit... licking your fingers, or utensils, and then touching food others may eat.

It's very easy to get distracting preparing, cooking, or setting up food, get a little on your fingers, lick them, then continue without washing your hands. It's also a bad habit to taste test a dish and then continue to use the same utensil after it leaves your mouth. Let's not even start on the topic of hand feeding food to a pet then return to your cooking without washing! I suppose if your immediate family is accustomed to these practices then no one will complain, but please reserve these practices to the privacy of your immediate family, and spare your invited guests!

Aside from the "YUCK" factor of double dipping and finger licking, proper cooking and "eating etiquette" (which I'm defining as something different than dining etiquette) prevents the spread of germs. No one wants to go home from a dinner party and wake up with a bad cold, or food poisoning. Please remember to wash your hands, use separate utensils, and set out small plates and ramekins to allow guests their own portions of dipping sauce.

What is your biggest eating etiquette complaint?


  1. Very well said! I 100% agree. As for my complaint. I would have to say when people chew to aloud or chew with their mouths open. Thats just nasty!

  2. 100% agree . my complaint would be people that chew with their mouths open!! gross