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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Domestic Accomplishment!

Last week my mother flew in to Michigan for a quick visit. Upon hearing of her upcoming visit I instantly thought now is my opportunity to have her teach me how to accomplish the most dreaded and elusive domestic chore that continues to plague women in every generation... How to fold a fitted sheet!

I know, there are instructional videos on youtube, and I even read Martha Stewarts step by step instructions on how to fold a fitted sheet, but I always end up confused, frustrated, and still left with a lumpy, ill folded, fitted sheet in my neatly folded linen closet. I guess I learn best when taught in person. 

Well, I washed a load of sheets today and was once again faced with the daunting challenge of folding a fitted sheet. I reached into my brain, and pulled up the image of my mother patiently and slowly showing me how to fold each corner into the other and guess what happened next?!

I DID IT!!!!

I even think the top fitted sheet folded nicer than the bottom flat sheet. All thanks go to my wonderful mother for teaching me how!

We never think to ask how to do things when we are younger. It isn't until we are well into adulthood, and realize the importance of a certain domestic skill, art, craft, or even family recipe, that we begin to realize we really wish we would have asked a long time ago. Too many precious things are lost if we wait too long. My advice for today, dear readers, is set aside a day, or even a few hours, to visit with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, and ask them to teach something only they know how to do. Not only will you acquire a new skill but you will have fond memories of the learning process as well. 

What skill do you wish to learn from a friend or family member? Do you currently have a skill that has been passed down to you?

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