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Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 Tips For An Enjoyable Weekend!

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It's hard to believe that the final summer holiday is already here! This is the weekend Americans are taking one last advantage of hanging out at the pool, having cookouts with family and friends, and hitting the big Labor Day Weekend sales for "Back To School" bargains. Here are a few quick tips to help everyone have a more enjoyable holiday weekend:

1. Let go of the stress! Whether you trying to hurry up and finish making a dish, hit a particular sale early, or trying to pack up the car to go camping, things will go alot smoother and even faster if you just relax, remember to breathe, and don't sweat the small stuff. Your dish will turn out fine, and if it doesn't then start over or stop at the store and pick something else up instead. That sale will be going on all weekend, and you will enjoy your shopping experience a lot more if you go shopping for fun! Packing up the car is always a tedious chore, but remember you are going on a mini vacation so why not sing a song while packing to help put you in the holiday spirit!

2. If you are going shopping, remember everyone at the store is there for the exact same reason... Trying to find a bargain. Remember shopping should be enjoyable since you are buying something new that you didn't have before! Try to take a deep breath or count to 10 when you encounter a rude or forceful shopper who just took the last hoodie you had your eye on. It's not worth ruining your mood or raising your blood pressure! And remember to smile and thank the store employees. They are the ones who have to work long hours and deal with crazy customers on a holiday weekend they would rather have off!

3. Just expect that you will forget to pack at least one thing. It happens... to everyone... all the time! If you prepare yourself ahead of time with the knowledge that it will happen, then you won't be so freaked out when you realize it actually did! And if it didn't, then you can give yourself kudos for being an efficient packer... This time!

4. Cookouts, barbecues, and picnics are always fun! While you are enjoying your time with family and friend, remember to be mindful of your surroundings. Try not to be too loud too late if you know there are neighbors nearby who do have to work in the morning. Remember to clean up your mess! Picking up empty cans and bottles, the rouge paper plate that blew off the table, and anything that wasn't there when you came and shouldn't be there when you leave. Your hosts, and/or the park/beach visitors will thank you for your courtesy!

5. Don't Drink & Drive! That should be a given on any day, but it's a good reminder that bad things can and do happen when you drink too much and get behind the wheel of a car, or boat, or jetski! Just don't do it!

I hope everyone has a pleasant, and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!

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