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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Is Coming...Right?

About this time every year I start to get anxious for spring to arrive. Tired of cold weather, dry skin, gray skies, and snow, I eagerly begin looking for signs of an early spring: Did I just see a Robin? Are there buds on the trees yet? Is it just me, or do I hear more birds singing in the morning? With the recent accumulation of more snow I decided that I needed a little mental “pick-me-up” and started browsing through my “Quotes” board on Pinterest for a bit of inspiration, reminding, and simple enjoyment.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to keep things on the positive side.
So what do I love about winter? I love watching the snow from a cozy spot indoors. I love all the winter holiday's. And I love that no one is pressuring me to go camping! 
Sometimes I need to be reminded of the wisdom found in my Irish heritage.
And remember to relax, and allow myself to find the humor in life. I love this following one because it reminds me of my sister, Patty, for our mutual love of books, and the song it represents!  ;) 
And this one because it reminds me that I am a paradox
But sometimes I just need a little bit of something else.
When I am really feeling the winter blues I just need to remember this:
And this:
But most of all I need to take a step back and think like this:
And just keep thinking...Spring is coming!

What do you do to help get through the winter blues?


  1. It's hard to love winter,when you come from a warm country, I'm from El Salvador and most of the year is warm there (around 88F-92F).
    But I love the Winter holidays and what helps me to go through winter blues would be spending everyday, every night with my marine! :)

  2. Love this one.... haha patty