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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Much Discipline Do You Have?

What is it about that elusive thing called discipline? Those who have it accomplish amazing things personally, professionally, physically...and those of us who don't have it look at those who do in wonder.

I'm not very disciplined, and yet I'm amazingly disciplined. In fact, I would say I tend to be consistently inconsistent. Yes, I'm a paradox. I can set a goal I strive wholeheartedly to accomplish and meet the finish with blazing colors.  Yet, I can set a goal and find every excuse in the world to not meet the finish. Why is it this? How can I fix this? How do I make myself become more disciplined in all area's of my life?

Thankfully I have someone amazing to help me each and every day. In fact, you could say I have my very own discipline "personal trainer"! And now, thanks to my "personal trainer" you can learn how to be more disciplined too. Do you struggle with meeting weight loss or fitness goals? Always trying to save up money but never seem to be able to? Want to set a project goal and know you will meet it? Want to build better trust with friends and family? Then I have the perfect, quick and easy read, book for you! Want to find out more? Simply go here.
What area's are you most disciplined in? Or what would you like to be more disciplined in? 


  1. My workout routine! I need to be more discipline about it and learn how to not make new excuses!