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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Truly Evil Gift

Last night I found myself immersed in an interesting conversation with my daughter, Corinne. The etiquette of giving gifts from an evil prospective...well Disney's version of evil. The question at hand...what type of gift would the evil fairy, Maleficent, have bestowed upon Princess Aurora if she were in fact invited to the christening?
Corinne brought up the point that had Maleficent been invited to Princess Aurora's christening then perhaps she would have felt the need to be in competition with the other fairies to bestow the best gift, and the other fairies would also step up the competition and try to "out give" Maleficent  Given that it is a royal child each attendee would ultimately want to win the attention, and good favor, of the King and Queen by their gift to the princess. Naturally even fairies, both good and bad, would want to be acknowledged for their gifts as well. Which brings up the other point to our conversation...Did the King and Queen ultimately deny their child amazing magical gifts by eliminating the competing factor?

However, we had to keep in mind that as amazing as Maleficent's gift could have been, she is still evil, and therefore the gift could only be amazing and terrible at the same time. What if she was given eternal beauty, but accompanied with perceptual bad breath? Or what if she was given great power of the mind, but every time she got angry she caused a village to burn down? So, did the King and Queen truly deny their daughter the possibility of getting great magical gifts, or save her from consequences of whatever evil would be associated with Maleficent's gift?

Then I began to think...if I were Maleficent, what great and terrible gift would I bestow upon the newborn princess? What gift would be a blessing and curse at the same time? What gift would exhibit how truly terrifying magical powers can be? Then I decided, I would give her the gift to make every man she encounters fall madly in love with her, but the moment she loves a man back he drops dead at her feet. Therefore, she has to gift to get love but never give it back. Now that is evil!

I know this is a completely random and odd post, but I found it quite interesting to ponder the possibilities of such events...but only in a Disney frame of mind.  

If you were Maleficent, what gift would you give?

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