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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Art Of Giving Gifts

It's hard to think of springtime when we are stuck in the bitter cold of January. However, spring is coming and with it comes a whole new gift giving season. The spring and summer months are filled with bridal showers, graduation parties, and weddings, and each event requires the guest to bring a gift. The question is: do you buy a gift off the gift registry or be creative and buy something of your own choosing?
Gift registries make buying gifts relatively easy and stress free. The gift recipient has conveniently let guests know what they need, what style they prefer, and what their favorite colors are. For those who find the task of buying gifts daunting, a gift registry is a welcomed relief. However, there are those who think that registering for gifts is crude, and a selfish way of picking out one's own gifts. These people usually have the mind set that they know what the recipient really needs and proceed to give what they think is a better gift. If you fall into the latter category let me warn you now, more than likely you do not know better, and your "off registry" gift is not appreciated, and quickly gets added to the bin for re-gifting gifts.

This is not to say that you can never buy a gift that is not on the gift registry. If you know the recipient well, and have a gift in mind that you know they will love and appreciate then you should definitely buy it. At my bridal shower, one of my aunts filled a laundry hamper with tons of kitchen gadgets, tools, and utensils I didn't even think to register for, but she knew I would definitely need. That was one gift (or a dozen gifts put in one hamper) that I truly appreciated, and continue to appreciate to this day. However, just because you happen to love a specific kitchen appliance does not mean that someone else will love it, or even want it to begin with. More importantly, your style and preferences for your home are most likely not the same as the person you are buying a gift for.

If there is a gift that you truly feel the recipient should have I would suggest you give it as bonus gift along with a gift you purchased off the registry. Consequently, you should not be offended if your gift is returned, re-gifted, or never used.

What is the best or worst gift you have ever received? Do you prefer to buy gifts from a gift registry or pick out your own gift?


  1. Buy gifts from the registry and maybe pick something that I think the person would like...
    And I hate when they give you a gift without the receipt so if people don't like what you give to them they can go to the store and exchange it.

    1. It is also annoying if someone purchases a gift off a registry that is part of a set, but the main pieces weren't purchased. The recipient can't use the additional pieces without the main pieces and then has to return the gift, and hopefully has a gift receipt to return them!