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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hostess With The Mostess

Party planning takes a lot of work, and the bigger the party, the more stressful it can be! Having hosted and attended many parties is my lifetime, I want to share some basic tips to ensuring a successful celebration for all.
Obviously having a clean, and clutter free environment should be a no brainer, but as I've written before, some people think picking up, is the same thing as cleaning. Guests may not be giving your home a white glove inspection, but they do notice a lot more than you think they do. Having a clean home is an absolute must in party planning.

Make sure your home is comfortable and inviting. Making guests remove their shoes, or taking a woman's purse/handbag without her permission is a huge offense. Be sure to have pleasant background music, and plenty of seats for your guests to relax in. Standing room only can leave guest uncomfortable and looking for an excuse to leave early.

It's hard for most people to know what their own home smells like. We become accustomed to everyday scents in our home that are very obvious to other people from the moment they walk in the door. Lighting a few scented candles, using some plug-in scents, or using some deodorizers to give your home a pleasant, but not overpowering, scent will contribute to the welcoming environment for your party.

Fresh linens, hand towels, and nice hand soap should always be available for your guests in each bathroom. Make sure your extra rolls of toilet paper are easy for guests to find. Decent toilet paper for your guests is a major plus! Having had this conversation with many other ladies, it is a major issue for women to be stuck using single ply economy toilet paper. You know...the kind that feels like coarse tissue paper, but takes 3 handfuls just to get the job done right! Do your guests a favor and spend a few extra dollars on some softer, thicker toilet paper! Considering that I just got a text from my sister-in-law on Christmas day regarding is exact issue, it affirms once again that I am not alone in this complaint.

Whether you are catering in, cooking, or a pot luck, having enough food and beverages for everyone is crucial. This takes some planning and consideration, but the saying "having too much is better than not having enough" is very true. Always consider every guest. Will there be cocktails, or just beer and wine? Do you have enough soda and/or bottled water? Does any of your guests have a specific allergy you need to address (this goes for food, and pets)? Is there a wide variety to satisfy each guests preference or picky pallet? If you are hosting, you are responsible for making sure all of your guests are taken care of.

If you are hosting a holiday and/or themed event, be sure your decorations are pleasing and unoffensive. Be sure to have enough party favors for everyone, and maybe a few extra just in case. You may have a few surprise guests show up right before midnight on New Year's Eve, and having a few extra hats, horns, and noisemakers will help make everyone's celebration feel special!
Hosting a well planned and prepared party will help reduce your stress level as the host, and ensure your guests have a wonderful time. Following these simple rules will have your guests calling you the "Host/Hostess With The Mostess" after every party you host!

Have a Happy New Year!

What is your biggest pet peeve when attending a party? Do you have any party planning strategies that help ensure your parties are a success?


  1. A dirty bathroom is the worst! And when the host/hostess don't talk to all their guests, for me that is rude and impolite.

  2. I agree! The host/hostess should make a point to converse with each and every guest as much as possible. They are at your home to visit you, so you should visit with them in return!