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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girl's Just Want To Have Fun!

Whether at home or out on the town, "Girl's Night's" are a lot fun. It's a time for women to get together with their friends, relax, have drinks and, most importantly, talk. Men go hunting, or fishing, or play sports, and the highlight is who shot, caught, or scored the biggest, baddest, most. Likewise, the highlight of a Girl's Night is who has the biggest, baddest, most...juicy story to tell! Just the thought of getting the latest gossip will have some women acting as giddy at a 14 year old school girl. Let's face it...stepping out of our own lives for a bit, and getting to hear about someone else's life makes us feel a bit better about our own struggles.

As much as women love to gossip, most of the time it's relatively harmless. We talk about who's dating who, who's getting married or having a baby, what each other's opinions are on a specific topic or coming event, how someone is coping with a tragedy, venting about work or family, or asking each other's advice on how to handle a certain situation in our lives. Depending on the group of women you are with, these conversations can be humorous, helpful, relatable, or scandalous. The question women need to ask themselves BEFORE engaging in gossip is: would this story cause harm to another person? If the juicy piece of gossip you are about to share would cause more harm than good (either by betraying confidence, spreading rumors, or making harsh or unnecessary judgement), then shame on you! I fully support each person's right to voice their opinion on any given topic, but if you are not willing to stand your ground on your opinion when confronted on it, then your opinion isn't worth sharing. If you are willing to tell your girlfriend's why you don't like a particular person, then you better be willing to tell the person in question why you don't like them face to face. Furthermore, before you accept a piece of gossip as truth, you better check the facts. There are always several sides to each story, and it's best to keep an open mind until you know the facts. If someone has trusted you, in confidence, with a very private and personal story, then in confidence it must remain! Nothing is more hurtful or damaging than telling someone else's secrets for your own pleasure.

Spending an evening in or out with the ladies can be an amazing time, and catching up on gossip is always fun. Just remember to be mindful of your conversations, and not have too much fun at someone else's expense.

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